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Introducing "Building Shelter Together" - Empowering Lives, Restoring Hope

Join us in making a lasting impact on the life of Kuruppu Arachchige Suneth Krishantha and his family, residing at 302C, Suddagoda, Bentota, Sri Lanka. This is a family that has faced tremendous hardships and is now in desperate need of our support to rebuild their roof and secure a safe and stable home.

Meet Suneth, a resilient individual who has been tirelessly shouldering the burden of his family's well-being. Tragically, he lost his father, K.A. Dayananda, just three weeks ago due to a severe heart condition. Suneth's mother, S.G. Wayala Pathmini, has been battling a moderate illness, rendering her unable to work or generate income for the family.

The responsibility of taking care of Suneth's younger sister, Hasara Sandamini, falls on his shoulders. Hasara is a bright young student, currently studying in Grade 7 at a government school. Despite their dire financial situation, Suneth has managed to keep her dreams alive, ensuring she receives an education.

The family's struggles have been further compounded by the challenging economic situation in the country, exacerbated by high inflation rates. Suneth, who used to work as a taxi driver, lost his sole means of income due to the impact of the recent pandemic. Now, he is left with no stable job and relies on daily manual labor in the Bentota area to make ends meet. Unfortunately, such work is not readily available, making survival a constant struggle.

The family's situation took an even more challenging turn when Suneth's Grandfather's younger brother, who is also suffering from a mental illness, found himself without a place to call home. With no hesitation, Suneth opened his doors to his Grandfather's brother, ensuring he has a roof over his head. Suneth's compassionate nature and unwavering commitment to supporting his family showcase his selflessness in the face of adversity.

The current house, which was constructed with the help of generous donors eighteen years ago, is in dire need of repair. The roof, which was donated by a government politician thirteen years ago, is now deteriorated, leaving the family vulnerable to the elements. The aluminum sheets that once provided shelter are now worn out, and the family can see through the gaps. Urgent action is needed to provide them with a safe and secure living environment.

We invite you to be a part of our mission to rebuild hope and restore the lives of this deserving family. Your contribution, whether in the form of materials or financial support, will make a tangible difference in their lives. Together, we can provide them with the opportunity to thrive, ensuring their safety and well-being.

Join "Building Shelter Together" today and be a beacon of hope for the Kuruppu Arachchige Suneth Krishantha family. Your kindness and generosity will create a lasting impact, empowering them to face the future with renewed optimism. Together, we can make a difference.

Donate now and help us build a brighter future for this deserving family!

Note: All personal information shared here is done so with the explicit consent of the individuals involved, in accordance with privacy regulations.

Estimated Material List

Item Name Unit Price
Cash - මුදල් x 250000 LKR LKR 1.00
Beams - බාල්ක ( 4 x 8 inch ) ( 14 ft ) x 1 Units LKR 14000.00
Battens - යට ලී ( 3 x 5 inch ) - 15 ft x 2 Units LKR 5025.00
Battens - යට ලී ( 3 x 5 inch ) - 14 ft x 3 Units LKR 4690.00
Rafters - පරාල ( 2 x 4 ) - 10 ft x 13 Units LKR 1230.00
Rafters - පරාල ( 2 x 4 ) - 6 ft x 13 Units LKR 600.00
2 x 2 inch Wood Poles - ( 2 x 2 ) පොලු - 10 ft x 40 Units LKR 430.00
Asbestos Sheets - ඇස්බැස්ටෝස් ශීට් ( 8 ft ) x 37 Sheets LKR 4350.00
Ridges - මුදුන් උළු x 30 Units LKR 150.00
Iron Nails 5 inch - යකඩ ඇණ අඟල් 5 ( 1.5 kg ) x 1 Units LKR 645.00
Iron Nails 3 inch -යකඩ ඇණ අඟල් 3 ( 2 kg ) x 1 Units LKR 860.00
Iron Nails 2 inch - යකඩ ඇණ අඟල් 2 ( 0.25 kg ) x 1 Units LKR 110.00
3.5 Inch screws ( with washers ) - අඟල් 3.5 ශීට් ඇණ ඇණ (වොෂර් සමග) x 50 Units LKR 40.00
3 Inch screws ( with washers ) - අඟල් 3 ශීට් ඇණ ඇණ ( වොෂර් සමග ) x 24 Units LKR 40.00
No Leak Stickers ( 3 ft ) - නෝ ලීක් ස්ටිකර් අඩි 3 x 1 Units LKR 210.00
Labor Cost - ශ්රම පිරිවැය x 1 Service LKR 70000.00

Created 01 July, 2023

Organizer: Kithulagodage Bandusena
  • Bentota, Sri Lanka

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